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Invisible Bead Extensions

Like other methods, IBE require no tape, glue or heat for application. They are sewn to the natural hair on a foundation of Micro beads preserving the integrity of the natural hair.

HOWEVER, the BIG difference is that there are no beads pressing into the scalp, and no tension sores or traction alopecia from a flawed method that does not address proper tension or client scalp health.⁣

The IBE technique allows the beads to be COMPLETELY hidden.  This also provides an additional level of comfort and flexibility due to its thin and lightweight nature. It feels and looks like you aren't wearing extensions at all! 

For those with fine hair, IBE is the BEST method to add length and volume without compromising the integrity of the hair.

For those who have an active lifestyle, who are always at the gym, swimming, or running will never have to sweat slippage or discomfort! IBE can be used to add color, dimension and correct a haircut and/or fill in breakage around your face ( more face framing shelves).

Lastly, IBE stylists, like myself, are thoroughly EDUCATED.  The certification for IBE was an extensive 8 week 3 level course with a one on one mentor.


This education provided more knowledge of the science behind the hair and we have been trained to not compromise the integrity of our clients hair and scalp just for a great before and after pic.

The "flip up" (shown in pic above) represents an innovation in extensions that the industry needed and I am so proud to be a part of that movement!⁣ ⁣.


A consultation is required before booking the installation. During the consultation we will discuss maintenance, after care, color match, and decide which method is best for your hair texture and lifestyle. 

DREAMING OF long voluminous HAIR?!

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