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Balayage Artist

Lived In Color Specialist.

Invisible Bead Extension Master Stylist. 

I am so happy you're here! My name is Shelby!


Deep down there was always a part of me that knew I was meant to do hair. However, it wasn't until right after going to college, for all four years, that I realized my 'inkling' to be true. It all truly clicked when I made the decision to go to Cosmetology school.

From being born and raised in Viva Las Vegas to living in Louisiana to finding my forever home in Denver. I feel that my experiences have shaped who I am today. It was all apart of my journey to finally find something I am extremely passionate about.


I love the creativity of this industry as well as the connections. It's not just about the hair. Building relationships with everyone that sits in my chair is one of the best parts of my job. Helping women feel beautiful and watching them walk out with a whole new level of confidence is what truly ignites my passion.

Another incredible part about being a hairstylist is that the learning never ends! I am constantly spending time researching all the new trends and techniques. The opportunity to grow and to better your best is always there.


  Getting excited along with my clients as we go through the incredible hair journey to achieve their hair dreams, is my favorite feeling. We are always in it together no matter how big or small the transformation may be. I strive to always be in sync with my guests so I can create the ultimate hair experience for them.

When I’m not at the salon you can find me at brunch with my besties, eating tacos, outside living the “Colorado life", or inside binge watching Netflix.


Balayage, blonding, and extensions are my thing! So if that’s what you’re interested in, I’m your girl!

Come get excited with me as we make your hair dreams a reality!


I can’t wait to meet you

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