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  • Are IBE Damaging?
    The main reason I got certified in IBE is because it is the least damaging method out there! I always say that it causes very very little to no damage at all. IBE method is meant to be extremely safe and allows for your hair to grow healthy as you enjoy your long voluminous dream hair.
  • Can I wear my hair up?
    YES! You can style your hair in all the ways possible without your hair tugging or the worry of the extensions showing. Plus, unlike all other methods out there, you can comfortabley throw yout hair up in a high pony the same day as the install!
  • Can I style and wash my hair normal?
    Absolutely! The hand tied weft extensions are 100% real human hair (that is ethically sourced) so you can curl, straighten, and blow dry them normal. It is recommended to not wash them too frequently so they don't get dried out. Other than that, washing is the same as if you didn't have extensions in. PS Some find that they are able to wash their hair much less with the extensions in!
  • How long does the hair last?
    If you use the recommended high quality product and properly taken care of the hair then the life of the extensions should last 8-12 months on average. You can also replace one weft at a time as needed.
  • I have fine hair, am I able to wear extensions?"
    Main reason #2 why I decided to get certified in IBE is because the method is designed to be extremely safe for fine hair. I have done many sewn in weft method in the past and this method is the first one that I feel 100% confident in using on fine hair.
  • What is the maintenance like?
    Move ups are every 6-10 weeks. I require the first maintenance appointment to be prebooked at 6-7 weeks so we can see how well they grew out in that time frame.
  • How do I book or get a quote?
    Click the link below to fill out the virtual consultation application. It will help give me an idea on your hair history and goals. Once recieved, I will be in touch in 1-2 business days with a personalized quote and game plan to achieve those hair dream goals!
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